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May 17, 2015

The Living Wells - Flicker (video)

Probably the last thing you'd expect. Two avreichim who both learned
in the Mir, one of them by Rav Asher Arieli shlita, are now singing
rap and pop gaining thousands of views on youtube! But its not the
ordinary dirty hip hop that the world is used to hearing. They have
taken years of studying mussar and chasidus and have chosen to use the
modern medium of rap to inspire the hearts and enlighten the minds of
a musically driven generation. Both members are now kiruv rabbis - who
work for MEOR - who when not learning in kollel are working on shiurim
to help klal. Moshe Friedman the groups front man was became frum
while studying at Penn University now lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh. He works with Rick Fox the musical
genius. Separately they each made their journey to Yeshiva in Eretz
Yisrael at Machon Shlomo and Machon Yaakov and have been learning in
yeshivos for nearly a decade. On Lag Baomer they released
their debut single Flicker which has already gained tremendous fan

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