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May 19, 2015

Proposed Law: pregnant women in handicapped spots

MK Danny Atar (Hamachane Hatzioni) is proposing a new law to help pregnant women.

According to Atar's proposal, pregnant women in their third trimester would be allowed to park in handicapped parking spots. Women would get a parking tag that would allow them to park in the handicapped spot, and it would begin from the beginning of the third trimester and last until a month after the expected date of birth.

I know in some places in the USA there is pregnancy parking, but I do not know if it is mandated by law like handicapped parking is or if it is just something businesses and institutions do in consideration of pregnant women.

Maariv reports that Atar has proposed this law as a result of his parliamentary assistant being pregnant and having trouble with her parking issues.

I think this is mostly a great idea.

What would need to be worked out is to keep the bureaucracy in the application to a minimum - we would not want these women applying for the tags and only receiving them 3 months later.

Also, I feel bad for the handicapped people. They might ave a hard time finding parking, with far more people now being allowed to park in the few spots available to them. In a religious neighborhood, with a high percentage of pregnant women at any given time, might make it impossible for handicapped people, and probably wouldn't even provide much relief for most pregnant women, as there would not be nearly enough spots available for the high number of pregnant women wanting to use them.

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  1. Everywhere I go, I always see a ton of handicapped parking spots unoccupied. Let the pregnant women use them, at least someone will

  2. I'm curious how someone gets handicapped parking rights. Is it everyone who has a 'nochut' status? I know someone who was burned and has a permanent nochut status due to this injury, though they are 100% mobile and active. Should they be allowed to use handicapped parking (they have the parking card) any more than the pregnant women?

    1. http://he.mot.gov.il/index.php?option=com_content&id=940:tag-hanay-alih-kabala-a&Itemid=95

      basically he has to be handicaped specifically in his use of his legs. very painful to walk because of handicap, 60% handicap, must have use of car or it will harm health...


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