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May 31, 2015

Litzman fluoridates the water to the chagrin of Yael Gherman

Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman has made the decision to fluoridate the water, as was done until recently. Yael Gherman, the previous Minister of Health, stopped the fluoridation, claiming medicine should not be forced on people, as well as possible links between fluoridized water and health issues.

I'm no expert on the various studies, but when I grew up it was generally considered to be healthy to have fluoride in the water. I know some people claim links to cancer or other issues, but my impression, formulated obviously by what I heard growing up, is that fluoride is a positive thing. it is also the basic recommendation of the Ministry of Health.

I am fine with bringing back fluoridation, and in my opinion it is probably a good thing.

The only thing I find funny about this is, like many other law changes we saw negotiated in the recent coalition negotiations, the ease by which laws can be made and then changed. One year the government wants one thing, they make a law. Next year they want the opposite, change the law.

There is no stability, no continuity. Whoever happens to be in charge gets to change the law or policy to whatever he or she wants. Gherman got to change it when she was in power, and now Litzman gets to change it as he is in power. And it is the same in all the other offices in government.

Seems like a silly system to me.

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  1. The more I see what goes on in the Israeli government and legislature (I'm not sure that it is really so much worse here than in other places, but I never really paid all that much attention to politics back in the USA) the more anarchism seems like an attractive alternative, or at least libertarianism.

  2. Another piece of the Yesh Atid legacy falls by the way side.

    When you have unstable Government's there is no long term planning or vision. You end up with a patch work of band aid solutions designed to be popular enough to get reelected.

    That is one of the reasons why the American system was built with so many checks and balances. It is really hard to get legislation passed which is supposed to make sure revolutionary fad ideas die out before they are passed into law. It is also very hard to simply repeal recently passed legislation.

  3. Is this a matter of law, or regulation? Law has to be an act of the legislature. Regulation is handled by whatever body oversees that issue, and is subject to more variability everywhere in the world.

  4. I'm with ehwhy. I met a religious yored in Canada, used to be a lawyer here and says that he would be making more if he would have stayed in Israe;, and his main claim was that he likes the stability of national and local government.

    On top of that, I think that a lot of Yesh Atid ideas should get thrown out, including the mishegas that was caused in the Education Ministry.

  5. In a normal system, actual medical scientists would be making the decision.

  6. Your "opinion" of fluoride being healthy is faulty, if you examine the real facts, and don't just listen to medical doctors who know next to nothing about what they're "taught". They never read any research on this to demonstrates its efficacy, I assure you.

    Here's why fluoride is okayed in the U.S., anyways:

  7. The medical and DENTAL establishment in Israel is probably almost as corrupt as they are in the USA, where governmental folk are bribed by the Big Pharma mafia that controls the whole vertical medical establishment, from the educational systems and curricula, to licensing, etc. In Israel too, no doubt, it's next to impossible to find fluoride-free toothpaste, because of the stranglehold the big money-makers exert. Anyhow, if you knew how fluoride must be handled and how it must be shipped, at least then you'll begin to have second doubts about just how unhealthy this toxin can be.

    See here too:

  8. Flouride does not allow the body to metabolize iodine, leading to high rates of hypothyroidism in the US.

    For every advantage, there is a disadvantage.


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