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May 14, 2015

the savings plan for avreichim

the following letter to the editor was in the Yated Neeman (hattip to Yaakov Lederman)

in the coming month parents of children can expect to receive a significant increase (on about the 20th of the month) , and the question will be what to spend the unexpected money on.
My advice to those unsure: if you do not need the money, don't lok for what to spend it on. Go to your nearest Gmach and deposit the money with them. This way it will be preserved for when you really need it, and until then you will accumulate merits that will help you in both this world, and the next world.

מי כעמך ישראל!!

That being said, first he says an increase is expected, then he asks what to do with the unexpected extra money.. is it expected or not?
Then, can the people he is referring to really not need the money? Aren't they in debt? Isn't that what we've been hearing the past two years - all these people cannot afford to buy food for their kids because of the cut in the child allowance.. was that not true? maybe the parents should be spending the extra money on the diapers, on the milk, and yogurt and cheese, some chicken, etc., that they supposedly haven't been able to afford.. is the idea suggested by the writer, as good as it is, really an option for the people he is referring to?
Then, putting it a gmach is definitely a mitzva and a chessed. if they do, they should make sure they put it in a reputable one. I don't know how they can protect themselves from falling prey to one of the swindlers running these gmachs - a number in recent years have gone belly up causing losses of millions to people.
Then, shouldn't they at least consider the option of putting it, if they actually have extra money, into an investment? They might decide to prefer the gmach, but shouldn't it at least be a consideration?

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  1. 'extra money'????? This is money that Lapid and Bennet took from us in order to increase our overdraft :-(

  2. "about 20nis per month" should be "on the twentieth of the month"

  3. Lol.. You are right! I read it wrong

  4. Justin Zemser victim of Amtrak train crash had a Chavrusah


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