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Nov 26, 2015

Aryeh Deri wants sefardim on our bills

Aryeh Deri is upset that there are no sefardim represented in the images on the new sets of bills (currency) that are soon to be put into distribution.

Boker tov, Aryeh Deri. The plan was in place for two years already, and they have probably been working hard to design the new bills and maybe they've already started printing them, but with less than one month to go until publication, Deri now expresses his complaints and wants the government to make changes.

I would also assume Deri is upset that there are no women on the new bills. They too consist of 50% of the population of Israel, just as he complains about the lack of Sefardim.

And once we are giving out honors on bills by ethnicity, we should have bills bearing images of great Ethiopian Jews, Yemenite Jews, etc.. and if we want to break it down even more, we should have bills with Russian jews, Polish Jews, Tunisian jews, Iraqi Jews, American Jews, German Jews, Iranian Jews, etc..

We are going to need tens of new bills to keep everyone happy!

I agree, Sefardi Jews should be represented, as should others. The last minute before publication is not the time to deal with it.

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  1. I suggest that we begin with sefardim murdered during the 'Oslo era' 1993-2002 -- i.e. those that Deri is at least partly responsible for their murder.

  2. There is one woman on the new bill. Rachel the poet. But there are no religious people. If I recall correctly, the original plan was to have politicians again but that was dropped in favour of 'cultural' icons.

  3. Replace them with alexander hamilton (he went to yeshiva / cheder in his native jamaica ( = sphardi culture; of course, the wrong sphardi culture.)


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