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Nov 18, 2015

Uri Zohar's new film "The Parasites" (video)

in this film, Uri Zohar deals with the issue of the draft and sharing the burden, Haredim and the IDF

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  1. This is disgusting. The vast majority of Jews in this country, who do not agree with a blanket-exemption from army service for those who join the "army of kollel", never use the term parasite and find it highly offensive. To use that term to represent the non-Haredi side is false and disgusting, a more subtle variation of name-calling (a la Eida Charedis protests with Nazi imagery) but name-calling nonetheless.

    You want to debate or discuss? Respect the people you are talking to.

  2. A parasite is a creature that depends on a host and cannot live without it and does not contribute to the well-being of the host. If you believe that Charedi activities, such as sitting in Kollel all day, do not contribute the well-being of the State (i.e. all residents), then "parasite" is a perfectly applicable term. Of course Charedim think they are contributing by learning Torah, but that is not believed by most secular Israelis, and even many Datiim.

  3. If you want to think of yourself or call yourself a parasite, go ahead. That's your choice. I never called you that, my family never called you that, my political party never called you that - and 99.99% of the country would never call you that. It's very sad that Charedi politics comes down to being the "downtrodden one" and without that image they feel they can't get anywhere. They'd have much more to contribute to society - and to themselves - if they stopped spending so much of their efforts crying in the corner over tax allocations.


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