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Nov 18, 2015

Ben Gurion's grandson has a potty mouth (video)

David Ben Gurion's grandson, Yariv Ben Eliezer, attacks pretty much everyone in this interview with Lucy Aharish about reports that no government representative would be present at the memorial service for his grandfather..

In this brief interview, Ben Eliezer attacks and swears at Netanyahu, the government, the entire State, the religious, the people on the panel, and everyone else.. it got so bad that Aharish had to take him off air..

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  1. Doesn't seem to have much respect for the democratically elected government.

    Looks like the grandson of the founder of the Jewish-Democratic state has little respect for either Judaism or Democracy, and he claims to be speaking in the name of his grandfather.

    1. Given how cruel and brutal Ben Gurion could be to anyone outside of Masai's circles (and especially to anyone on the political Right), I'm not too surprised. And Ben Gurion's respect for democracy was also limited to the left side of the spectrum. He and his cronies famously quashed (or tried to) dissident speech, limited economic opportunities to cronies, rewrite Zionist history wholesale. If you need a reminder, read Hagai Segal's recent book about his uncle's murder at the hands of the Haganah.

    2. That was supposed to read "Mapai" circles...

      and "rewrote Zionist history..."


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