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Nov 16, 2015

Hakol Haba S01E16 - semifinals (video)

After a long break, Hakol Haba, The Next Voice in Jewish Music, is back, picking up where they left off, at the semi-finals of season 1.

I was a bit underwhelmed with the candidates in this episode. they were ok, but none of them had a great performance. I'd expect better at the semi-finals.

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  1. It's not fair to compare this production with something with a much larger budget like what Arutz 2 can do, but nonetheless, we can compare it to the Paitan and the Paitan takes it hands down.
    It's the semi finals of HaKol Haba and there is still no one in the crowd, I think this is a big disservice to the performers who are usually get energy from the crowd.
    In both shows, the judges are sitting at a common table sitting next to each other, in HaKol Haba, they seem to be sitting too close so there is much less interaction between them than in Paitan. They could have at least removed a few rows of chairs to build a special platform, but perhaps that is a budget issue as well. I like the Voice's thrones, but even with X factor there is one common table but the judges have more space to move around and be lively.
    Not easy to produce these shows, but the standard is nonetheless raised whether we like it or not.

  2. all true points.
    in addition, I like the interaction with the judges, especially as they tell them how to improve.
    I dont like how long it has been shlepped out. I dont really remember the various candidates and who I liked or didnt.
    there is way too much talking and not enough singing.
    it seems a bit too heimish. the judges are sitting there cramped in, and they each butt in to talk/argue/agree/add while a different judge is talking.

  3. yes, for sure, the extended talking is annoying seemingly to fill more time and the Paitan excelled in finding better content by filming the short segments about the contestants. At least the criticism is attempted to be constructive. I like the bold initiative by a radio station to even tackle reality or perhaps the people involved who might have a personal interest in 'finding the next voice' who will be on contract to them, a condition that the other reality shows have as well. The music industry is less lucrative these days, and much harder to find good talent who simply might not even bother otherwise.


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