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Nov 23, 2015

Jewish quotas for visiting Har Habayit

Once again we see that the status quo changing on Har Habayit is against the Jews, not for the Jews.

INN reports that there is now a quota in effect as to how many Jews can go up to Temple Mount on any given day. The maximum is 45 Jews in the morning hours, and 15 Jews in the afternoon hours. And entry will be limited to those who register in advance.

I do not know how one is meant to register in advance - via a website or at a specific telephone number. If I get that information, I'll post it.

When police were asked about this change, the response was that it is for the benefit of the Jews and their security.

I guess that means that it is easier to protect fewer people than more people, so the police will be able to provide better security to the few that will go up.

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