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Nov 12, 2015

Cutting My Hair For Cancer (video)

Meir Kalmanson, an awesome person, writes the following:

3 1/2 years ago I was inspired to grow my hair out to donate it to a child with cancer. Over this period of time it brought me close to the brave children who go out to battle every single day with their head held high and take on challenges way beyond any human being should have to. 
I hope through this video it will inspire others to go and do what they can, whether it's donating their own hair, visiting a child in the hospital or volunteer for a local organization.
May we only celebrate happy occasions! Cheers! 

some people are, simply, amazing. Like Kalmanson above. Another amazing story is that of Molly Allanoff who donated her bone marrow to Avi Ruderman.

And then there is the group of octogenarians (people in their 80s), former Palmach fighters, who wanted to volunteer with the police to fight Palestinian terrorists..

These people, all mentioned here,  are all heroes. As are so many others who do awesome things to inspire and help others.

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