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Nov 17, 2015

PSA: wedding invitation. מיגון לשמחה

The young couple due to get married, Sara Techiya Litman and Ariel Biegel had to delay their wedding due to the murder of her father and brother. On the brink of getting married, she was thrown into trauma and mourning.

The wedding was rescheduled for next Thursday, November 26 2015, in Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem (I heard - after 8:30pm). The young couple has put out an invitation for anyone and everyone to join them in their celebration.

This is truly a situation of going from anguish to celebration, מיגון לשמחה ומאבל ליום טוב, even though we are not in the month of Adar.

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1 comment:

  1. And the traffic that day will be far more crowded than on Purim!!


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