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Nov 23, 2015

Secular and Haredim agree on Shabbos closure of Cinema City

Cinema City in Jerusalem will not be opening its doors and large HD screens on Shabbos.

The owners of Cinema City have come to this conclusion all on their own, and said so in court. They've changed their minds. They have seen the light. They want to put an end to the suit against them and get back to business.
source: Bechadrei

From the Haredi side, untoward pressure to this decision was denied (besides, of course, the pressure everyone knows about such as the court case and the initial arguing).

From the secular side, an interesting response said that just as they do not want the theater to be forced to close on Shabbos, they also do not want to force it open and are fine with it being a decision by the owners themselves to close.

Maybe Mashiach can come one of these days....

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