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Nov 16, 2015

Do Shtissel actors need a gett?

In one of the episodes of this season of Shtissel, Ruchami gets married in an ad hoc wedding.

This wedding bothered me when I saw it. Even if you say the portrayal of the Haredi community in Shtissel is relatively representative of what happens, which might or might not be true, that wedding scene was ridiculous and completely unrealistic.

As you can see in the clip below, it seems that some people had other problems with it. Some people were worried that playing such a scene on the screen would create a halachic problem for these two actors in their real, personal, lives - as perhaps halachically they would be considered married. According to the fellow talking in the clip, the concern has been alleviated by saying that their was no intention for marriage and it was all clearly acting.

I do not know if a rabbi was asked.
I do remember the famous responsa from Rav Moshe Feinstein about two children who acted in a camp or school play and were a part of a mock wedding. If I remember correctly they were required to divorce because of it, even though acting was involved. Obviously other rabbis could argue, but I would like to at least see some discussion about it, if it were really a discussion.
I have not seen any such discussion or concerns raised. Maybe I haven't looked in the right places, but I haven't seen or heard any such discussion.

the wedding clip:

Ynet discussion:

Kooker article

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  1. If the ring didn't belong to the "chassan", there would be no problem.


  2. 1. Question is, can she (later) marry a cohen? (I believe RMF said no, but can't find it in IM.

    2. If you say the chattan doesn't (really) own the ring, neither do most young chattanim today.

  3. regarding #2 - even though they dont buy the ring with their own money they make a kinyan (either on the money before buying the ring or on the ring itself) and it becomes theirs. and thats all you need.


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