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Nov 23, 2015

Superman to the rescue in Jerusalem

Considering today's terror attack in Jerusalem, in which two young Palestinian teenagers stabbed an elderly man who turned out to be Palestinian...

1. I am not so sure it was a mistaken identity, nor that it was a terror attack gone bad. I wonder if the police have considered that maybe this 70 year old Palestinian was the actual target. Maybe this was some good old Arab on Arab violence, family feud hamula style.

2. Do they have no respect? no derech eretz? two young whippersnappers attacking an elderly man like that!

3. Anybody who thinks they can tell who is an Arab, who is a Jew, and the like is clearly mistaken. These Arabs could not identify their own landsman correctly and mistook an Arab for a Jew. Sometimes you can, sometimes you cannot. Act accordingly.

4. Maybe we should start labeling Jews, the way the EU is labeling products. that way we will be more easily identifiable.

5. Some guy in a cape went chasing after the young terrorists. From what I understand, this fellow has not been identified (as of this time). Jerusalem has yet another superhero roaming its streets. Nir Barkat has doubled as Batman more than once, and now we have Superman as well. Maybe he too was Nir Barkat!

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  1. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. My hope is for peace and safety for everyone.

  2. Earn money from homeNovember 23, 2015 11:40 PM

    The guy with the "cape" was actually in a barber shop and came running out to help.

  3. Superman, Batman, the Flash, the Punisher - I will take anyone willing to DO SOMETHING!! May HaShem keep us safe and give us the merit to remove our enemies. Amen, selah.

    Salutations from Wisconsin to Rafi and his family. Shavua tov le-kulam.

  4. Was it a white cape -- an 'areleh'. A light blue cape -- DL. Black -- yeshivish. On and on.

  5. It was very serious indeed, but when I saw that video, what came to mind was "Look at those Dancing Daggers." These misguided children with daggers all seem to have the same dancing warmup to their attacks. They must be attending "how to" classes.


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