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Nov 24, 2015

Yinon Magal speaks to Arab MKs in Arabic from the Knesset podium (video)

Magal speaks in their language and lets them know there will not be a Palestinian state and Israel isn't going anywhere...

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  1. Wonderful! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Didn't know Magal was such a truther!
    Will he run for PM?

    1. not after today's revelations regarding Magal

    2. Magal is being accused of sexual harassment from the days he worked at Walla as a news editor. The police are considering opening an investigation. From the accusation itself it sounds like wholly inappropriate behavior, though not actual sexual harassment, though perhaps there is more to the story.
      after meeting last night with Bennet about this, Magal is no longer the chairman of the party (resigned on his own or pushed out, I dont know). If this goes any further, he might not be in the Knesset.

    3. Magal certainly seems to be on someone's hit list. Frankly, I have been really surprised/impressed of his strong Otzma Yehudit-like statements and this probably frightens many, even the parve BY voters who don't want the BY to go extreme-right., or still don't forgive bringing on this admitted drug user.

  3. As soon as one of them goes against the 'agenda', the investigations start. The same old, same old as if no one catches on to their shticks!


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