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Mar 31, 2020

Bet Shemesh and CoronaVirus

the City of Bet Shemesh, led by Mayor Dr Aliza Bloch and Deputy Mayor Rena Hollander are working hard to get the city through the CoronaVirus crisis with as little damage as possible, and also to help as many people as possible, especially the elderly population, get through it as well.

There is constant encouragement to keep to the Ministry of Health guidelines, and city leadership is working closely with the Ministry of Health and security forces to keep the virus contained and slow the spread as much as possible. The City also sends out a car blasting music with a singer, every day to the streets of a different neighborhood, to bring some cheer and fun to the residents, who are encouraged to sing along and dance on their porches.

But specifically, the city is working hard to support and take care of the elderly. The elderly are encouraged to stay indoors and avail themselves of other people's assistance to do anything that is needed outside the home, such as shopping and whatever. The city made a list of elderly residents and said - we will deliver meals to your door every day so you do not have to go outside and buy food. I registered my parents for this, and they got the meals delivered to their door.

they set up a war room in the RBS Sport Center to deal with the logistics of the meal delivery program, and in conjunction with various chessed organizations and flocks of volunteers, they got it done.

The City of Bet Shemesh also sent out letters to residents letting them know that the city staff is available to assist them in whatever they need and they should not hesitate to call the municipal hotline in this challenging time.

Kudos to the city leadership for working hard to get its residents through this as well as possible!

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