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Mar 22, 2020

lawsuit against Chief Rabbinate to postpone Pesach

I got a kick out of this

Someone from the town of Itamar, Yedidya Meshulami, filed a lawsuit with the Israeli Supreme Court to force the Chief Rabbinate to change 5780 into a leap year, adding a second Adar, thus pushing off Nissan and Pesach by a month.

Meshulami says that the CoronaVirus crisis with all the restrictions on movement placed by the Ministry of Health is making it very difficult for so many people to prepare properly for Pesach. The public sector and government institutions will also have a very difficult time preparing properly for Pesach.

Meshulami says declaring a leap year was always up to the people of Israel in the land, and it was done for numerous reasons and keeping public order.

Meshulami is suing to force the Rabbinate to declare a leap year at any point up until the last possible moment - Wednesday, Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan, at 5pm (17:00). Doing this would postpone Pesach by a month. Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Hashoah would also all be postponed similarly. All this will help us all, and the State, prepare properly for these upcoming holidays.
sources: Kikar, Kipa, Jewish Press

I am not sure how this works once we have all "bentched" the new month already this past Shabbos. Is that just symbolic and it can still be changed?

I also wonder if he asked the Rabbanut and what their response was prior to going to the Supreme Court.

Somehow I don't see this happening...

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  1. What we do on Shabbos is purely Minhag, not extending back past the Middle Ages, if that. It has no bearing what-so-ever on Kiddush Hachodesh, as done by a proper Beis Din. Anyway, the lawsuit is pointless, because we don't have a proper Beis Din, and 99% of Jews would ignore any attempt by the Rabbanut to add a second Adar, or to change our set calendar in any way. Now, if we had to be Oleh l'Regel, the travel restrictions might allow one to skip Pesach and try for Pesach Sheni, but that has nothing to do with the calendar, per se.

  2. Interesting that while many people have been critical of the Rabbinate, this guy wants to promote them to the Sanhedrin.

  3. I think this virus must also affect the mind. I was laughing when I read this. What is wrong with people. Just for this alone, may H' have mercy and wipe this virus out, otherwise, who knows what people will dream up next.

  4. Just wondering what the point of the Beis Din is, if the court tells them what to do anyway...

    1. not sure but I would guess that the court wouldnt tell the beis din to make the leap year but to consider and discuss it


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