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Mar 23, 2020

The Corona has not "passed over" a single house

This article in Kikar is about how bad the CoronaVirus situation has gotten in New York. According to the people interviewed in the article, it has gotten so bad that, and the title of the article is based on this, the Corona has not passed over a single house in the city (referring to the Jewish community) and every family has someone affected by it. They are all afraid for their elderly, for the young, etc.

As sad as that is, and I wish them all a refuah shleimah, it makes me think of Pesach and the agent of destruction that did not pass over a single house to kill the first born. The Jews were told to put blood on the doorposts so the agent of destruction would know to pass over their houses.

I don't think blood on the doorposts would go over very well in New York right now, but maybe some sign would be helpful to keep the agent of destruction away...

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