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Mar 19, 2020

Eida wants separate Corona Hotels

This is interesting. Kikar is reporting that the Eida Hachareidis is protesting the plan of Defense Minister Naftali Bennett to take over some hotels and convert them into holding centers for people with light cases of CoronaVirus and cases of quarantine due to exposure. the people sent to stay in these hotels will, presumably, have to stay a few weeks while they recuperate and then be released.

Some of the people placed in these hotels are Haredi, and according to the complaint, the hotels have not been prepared in an appropriate way for frum people, especially with Pesach coming.

The Eida is requesting, form anybody who is in a position to help, that separate hotels should be prepared for frum people requiring it. These hotels will be prepared in a way appropriate for them, with mehadrin standards of kashrut, especially for Pesach during which people adhere to extremely strict standards. Additionally, the atmosphere is a problem and it should be ensured that the atmosphere be appropriate, especially since the Eida has no oversight over these places.

They conclude their letter saying that they will only tell, instruct, people to go to these hotels if the demands are met and these arrangements made.

I actually think that last part is the kicker. They want the business or supervising these Mehadrin Hotel Coronas, and that is what they are angling to get.

Whether or not that is correct, the request itself is interesting, though not unusual. The Eida, and most of the Haredi community, has made their lives all about self-isolation from the broader community. They don't want that to change. The request they are making fits right in with that.

That being said, instructing people to not go to such hospitals if the demands/requests are not met, is problematic. The country is dealing with a serious situation. You can make a request, but you are going to prevent people form getting treatment if the request is not agreed to? You are demanding the State put out more resources for this and are going to gamble with pikuach nefesh to force their hand? Regarding kashrut I am sure the State will agree to provide mehadrin kashrut - they do everywhere else this becomes an issue. Arranging separate centers is a much bigger deal.

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