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Mar 17, 2020

Israel nearly in full lockdown mode!

The Ministry of Health has published new guidelines for fighting the spread of COVID-19.

Here it is in English, followed by Hebrew:

we are getting closer and closer to a full lockdown. This is barely a step away from that. And still the number of infected is rising dramatically every day.

based on the original Hebrew, the most confusing point, for me, is that in paragraph 3 it says no extracurricular classes, even with just small groups, including sports and gyms. This includes both public and private classes. One can go out for sports activities in informal settings, with up to 5 people while taking care to stay at least 2 meters away from each other. Yet by the end of the document it says one can go out for a walk for ten minutes in either a secluded area or in your own courtyard.

So, I can go out for a 10 minute walk or I can go out for an unlimited amount of time to do unorganized sport - presumably that includes running. What changes from walking to running that limits be to 10 minutes of walking but does not limit me with running?

The English is slightly different by not saying "go out" in paragraph 3 regarding sport. Maybe you can do sport indoors but not outdoors except for 10 minutes of walking?

I am going to put on a lot of weight during this lockdown!


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  1. > And still the number of infected is rising dramatically every day.
    But these infections are from two weeks ago, before the previous lockdown...we haven't given enough time to figure out if the last rounds did anything yet.

    1. true, yet every day they add restrictions, because they know the previous restrictions didnt help enough. the PM just said in his speech that they know the numbers will get into the hundreds daily, or even thousands, and some people will die from it, even though that has not happened yet. They knwo it is getting worse. we'll only see the numbers in a week or two


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