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Mar 18, 2020

Does the Vatican validate?

A number of people sent a video clip to me that at first I was just going to ignore, but have now decided to comment, considering how much I am seeing it shared on social media.

The video is of the Pope talking about people keeping Shabbos, how it is good for our health, spiritual side, and for our families.

And no, I am not posting it here.

People got very excited to see the Pope promoting Shabbos observance, even though really he is promoting it being kept on Shabbos, according to his rules.

When I first opened the clip out of curiosity, I admit that I could not watch the entire clip, as short as it was. To be honest, I was disgusted. Disgusted, not by what he was saying, but by who was saying it.

I dont want to hear anything from the Pope. Even though this pope seems to be decent, the Popes have been behind the murder and harassment of Jews for generations. The pope telling me to keep shabbos is not something I need to listen to. He is not my moral authority. I was disgusted watching the pope and seeing frum Jews so excited about what the pope has to say about shabbos. I dont care if he thinks it is a good idea, nor am I interested. Let him tell his Catholic followers what to do, and let the listening be left to his Catholic followers. We do not need the Pope to be our guidance, and we don't need to look to the Pope for validation.

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