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Mar 22, 2020

circumcisions delayed because of Corona

People are so concerned about the CoronaVirus that they are pushing off circumcisions because of it.

According to Arutz7 many mohels are reporting on cancellations because of CoronaVirus. Parennts are concerned and figure they will wait until later when everything calms down.

While mohels are encouraging parents to do it now with small ceremonies with just family and everyone staying more than 2 meters apart (though I am not sure how the mohel, baby, sandek, at minimum, can be far enough apart), and even to have a younger sandek  - younger than 50 years old - it is becoming a common theme for parents to decide to wait and not do it now.

Also, according to a Haredi news twitter feed called "Haskupim", Rav Chaim Kanievsky has decided that now he will not attend any more bris ceremonies even as sandek, because of the CoronaVirus issue. He normally is sandek multiple times every day. According to the news blurb, 4 bris ceremonies that were scheduled for tomorrow have been canceled. I hope, but am not sure, that "canceled" just means canceled in relation to it being in his shul and having Rav Kanievsky as sandek, but it will still go on elsewhere.

This is a big problem. I don't know if it is practical to perform the bris mila in one of those protective hazmat suits. Metzitza b'Peh, if done, would be difficult with the mask and whatnot. Maybe a number of mohels could be screened in advance and given the all clear to be used for circumcisions now, with testing or follow-up weekly visits to make sure nothing has changed.

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