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Mar 29, 2020

Yom Haatzmaut celebrations logo revealed

Can you imagine thinking about Yom Haatzmaut celebrations now? We are barely making it to Pesach. Nobody knows if there will be eggs or not  (supposedly a million trays of eggs have been imported and are waiting at the docks for the distribution to the supermarkets), nobody knows if there will be a full closure and lock-down imposed in the coming days keeping us indoors for supposedly up to 3 weeks, nobody knows anything. We can barely plan for Pesach, let alone Yom Haatzmaut.

How free and independent are we anyway, if we are locked up in our homes under quarantine, as a nation? I guess we'll be asking that on Pesach as well when we saying that once we were slaves but now we are free people - are we really?

So, celebrating our freedom and independence while not being able to go outside. Can you imagine the ceremonies, with social distancing in effect and no crowds? No concerts throughout the neighborhoods, no fireworks, no going to the forests and trails for hikes, picnics and barbecues. Will there be the annual International Bible Quiz? How will that work in the middle of the battle with COVID-19?

I don't know how any of this will work, but it seems weird to me that instead of just cancelling the celebrations for this year they are still making plans... they even just came out with a logo for the Yom Haatzmaut theme..
source: Kipa

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  1. I've already thought of that. I think a month ago, there was already talk of having no families at the main official Yom Hazikaron ceremony. I estimate that Yom Haatmaut celebrations will be called off but depends on where the graph goes the coming few weeks.

  2. What about Lag Baomer?


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