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Mar 30, 2020

Man in quarantine does FULL IRONMAN!! (video)

Inspired by Elisha Nochomovitz, the man that succeeded in running a full marathon on his balcony in France, Ezra Weiser decided to take it 2 steps further. In light of the recent Covid-19 or Coronavirus outbreak, with everyone spending their time in lockdown, Ezra didn't want to let this epidemic prevent him from overcoming is self-implemented challenge. This triathlete spent a the better part of 6 months training for the Jerusalem marathon 2020 that takes place in Israel. Sadly due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many were forced to find other means of exercise and self fulfilment. Ezra had already run the marathon at least twice during lockdown and needed to find home activities to not become a couch potato. He implemented home workouts that already require social distancing. Ezra felt that this challenge helped him overcome his cabin fever and sees this as a more beneficial alternative to watching Netflix and Youtube as a daily activity. An Ironman race is a triathlon consisting of swimming, cycling, and running. In that order. It's a huge endurance feat that requires a lot of motivation and helps improve your mental health. Although it was tough to do a full Ironman in the confines of his own apartment, Ezra believes that it's imperative to take social distancing seriously during this Coronavirus outbreak and prevent the spread of Covid-19, and in doing so, we can flatten the curve. SYKE!! Its all a joke! We just wanted to make a funny video that has little to do with coronavirus. A little comedy in this dark time doesn't hurt anyone. If anything it helps improve mental health during this global health and economic crisis. But seriously take part in the social distancing, you save lives that way. Otherwise you can cause someone else to die do to the coronavirus. So, STAY HOME!

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