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Mar 17, 2020

Knesset to go into Quarantine?

A person. a mayor form the South of Israel, whose wife had tested positive for Corona had been in the Knesset for some event. Now it turns out that this man just tested positive for the COVID-19 CoronaVirus. 2 MKs and 2 ministers (Ministers Aryeh Deri and Tzachi Hanegbi) came into direct contact with him, before it was known that he had Corona. All of them came into contact with the rest of the Knesset. It seems that some, or possibly all, of the MKs will have to go into quarantine and be tested for Corona.

While this might throw the Knesset, and country, into even more chaos, realistically we probably won't even notice that the Knesset is in quarantine and not working - they have not worked in over a year already! I wish them all good health and hope they all test negative for CoronaVirus.

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