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Mar 15, 2021

Bennett's commitment to Netanyahu's demand

If anyone is king of breaking political promises or commitments, it is PM Benjamin Netanyahu. It is always ironic when he pressures others to commit loyalty to him politically when he is loyal to nobody.

Today he met his match, sort of.

For some unknown reason he demanded Bennett pledge to not sit in the same government as Yair Lapid and to not have a rotation arrangement with him.

Now I don't know on what basis Netanyahu was making this demand. Bennett owes him nothing, and Netanyahu has not committed anything to Bennett, and in the past Netanyahu has not kept his side of such commitments. So the demand itself is weird. He probably just wanted to trip up Bennett and get him to say something he would later regret. Maybe, I am not sure. 

So he made this demand of Bennett.

Bennett's response was quick in coming. Bennet said this is the same Netanyahu that promised to evacuate Khan Al Ahmar, which today has already developed into a small city. It is the same Netanyahu that repeatedly pledges before elections that he will annex Judea and Samaria. The same Netanyahu that pledged to include Ichud Leumi but then tossed them aside and brought Ehud Barak into the government. The same Netanyahu that said we will fulfill a rotation government with no tricks and before he even finished saying the sentence he already broke his rotation agreement.... Hearing Netanyahu talk about commitments is like pressing in Waze the button that says 'I am not the driver".

Bennett then said that the only thing he will commit to is to establishing a Yamina government that cares about the citizens, not a government whose ministers say that people who don't vote for that party are misanthropes.

Good answer Bennett.

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1 comment:

  1. I suppose Bennett wanted to avoid the most personal point, that Bibi continually keeps *him* out of governments in favor of much more left-wing alternatives.


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