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Mar 21, 2021


I find it somewhat humorous how after a few months of campaigning, with the parties each trying to show how strong they are and successful they will be, suddenly days before the election they all change tactics to show how weak they are (and how strong the other party is).

The Likud has been saying all along that they see even up to 40 mandates. Suddenly tonight Netanyahu is talking about how the internal polls show the blocs are tied at 60 and anyone saying the Likud has attained over 61 is trying to turn Right voters complacent so they won't vote.

Bennett is saying Smotritch is up to 6 mandates according to internal polls, and Smotritch is denying it saying Bennett is trying to put his voters to sleep so they won't vote, as the party is already safely in. 

Meretz and Labor are fighting the same way over the numbers on that side, as are Yesh Atid and Kachol Lavan.

Saar isnt talking much and this doesn't seem relevant to him. All reports indicate they are free-falling. Saar is actually the opposite of the above - he is saying he is stronger than the reports indicate, as his voters are being intimidated by the Likud so they answer polls saying they are voting Likud. True or not I dont know, but he might be the only politician right now with an interest in appearing stronger than reality rather than weaker.

It is the last two days before the elections. This is the gevalt campaign.

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