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Mar 11, 2021

Picture of the Day

Israeli actor Tzahi Halevi brought his newborn son, Adam Halevi, into the covenant of Israel today at the bris ceremony, performed properly with a Mohel and a grandfather acting as Sandek.

The only problem is that little Adam Halevi is not Jewish. His mother, Lucy Ahrish, is an Israeli Arab who did not convert to Judaism (she publicly said she would not). The marriage, when it happened a couple of years ago, came under heavy criticism, but they went ahead with it anyway.

I hope the Mohel didn't actually make a real bracha

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  1. Wondering if the Mohel did the brit thinking of it as a cinversion brit?

  2. Wondering if the Mohel did the brit thinking of it as a conversion brit?

  3. interesting idea but wouldnt a mikva need to be involved?

  4. I believe that Rav Shnuel Salant has an opinion that is a child is being raised as a Jew and will probably want to convert when he bcomes bar mitzva, it is possible to do a Brit l'shem Girut as a baby, and when he is old enough to accept Mitzvot he only requires Mikva, and not another Brit.

    Not sure if that is what is happening here, but even if not, there is a good chance that the child would want to be circumcised when grows older, either so that he can convert, or so that he will be like most other Israelis (Jewish and Muslim), so circumsicing him as a baby would be doing him a favour

    1. interestingly, Lucy Ahrish commented about the bris that it was fine b her because Arabs also circumcise

  5. Not to over analyze, but technically, the fact that the child is descended from Avraham and is fulfilling a tradition of his parents applies no less to the Arabas. It is a part of the Abraham Accord.

  6. There is actually a halakhic discussion about whether mohalim can circumcise Muslims. I believe that because the Rambam says that Arabs are chayav l'halakha, the consensus is they can. And come to think, the bracha would then apply...


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