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Mar 21, 2021

Bennett's latest stunt makes no sense

Tonight Naftali Bennett signed a document on national television. 

The document has two clauses on it. The first clause is that he, Bennett, will not sit in a Lapid government.

The second clause is one that he is using to challenge Netanyahu. Bennett's second clause is that Netanyahu will not establish a government based on the mandates of Mansour Abbas. Bennett challenged Netanyahu to sign the document.

I dont get it. 

For 3 months Bennett has been campaigning that he wont ban anybody, he'll sit with anybody Zionist, put everything aside and only deal with the post-Corona economy. 

Now, after positioning himself as kingmaker, he is throwing all that away, saying no to Lapid. 

This basically means Bennett has thrown away his strongest hand. He has no other moves left, unless he himself somehow brings in 20-25 mandates. As of right now, Bennett's only choice is sitting in the Opposition or with Netanyahu. Bennett just gave up his role as kingmaker, and I don't know why. Even if his intention all along was to eventually sit with Netanyahu after extracting the maximum possible, that would have been after the fact. Right now it is before the fact and Bennett seems to have given up his strongest hand. Unless he has something up his sleeve, or believes he is going to pull in a massive amount of mandates that no polls are seeing, this makes no sense.

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1 comment:

  1. The document allows Lapid in a Bennett government just not the head. Plus Lapid will be given Veto rights to any legislation. Get ready for a another dysfunctional government, another unity type government.


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