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Mar 17, 2021

Israelis sue Israel in International Criminal Court

it is not uncommon for complaints to be filed against Israel in the International Criminal Court, the ICC, in, and also known as, the Hague. 

Generally, though, these complaints are filed by foreign entities regarding Israel's alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity for Israel's supposed oppression of the Palestinians, for supposedly stealing land, for supposedly murdering or torturing innocent civilians, for supposedly apartheid behavior, and the like.

It is unusual for a complaint to be filed with the ICC against Israel by Israelis, and also unusual for it to be about issues other than those mentioned above. 

JPost is reporting that a group of Israelis opposed to the CoronaVirus vaccination, calling themselves Anshei Emet, has filed suit against Israel for their policies and administration of the vaccine. They claim it is a crime against humanity and in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

The violation supposedly happened when Israeli did not inform Israelis that they were taking part in a medical experiment. The State, they say, did not present alternatives for treating the Corona disease and concealed information about the vaccines.

From what I understand no investigation has been opened, nor have they committed to do so. As of now, all that has happened is the complaint has been filed and the ICC has acknowledged receipt of the complaint.

Sounds crazy that Israelis would complain internationally against Israel, but other organizations have complained about Israel before, whether in court or in the court of public opinion, such as Breaking the Silence among others. More so, it sounds crazy that they would do so for health care decisions made to help quell a pandemic and to protect the citizens and local populace. CoronaVirus and the vaccines have turned a lot of people to the extremes over the past year - extremes in all directions. People who are anti, people who are anti the vaccines, anti masks, anti pandemic, dont believe Corona exists, as well as people who are gung ho about the dangers, about the need for masks and distancing, about public health and safety, about promoting the vaccine, about pushing everyone to get vaccinated. The situation has gotten so extreme that it does not surprise me that people have filed a complaint. 

I suspect that the ICC will eventually reject it, or shut it as a non-issue. The pandemic was global, and all countries ran to get their people vaccinated, not just Israel. Israel just got to basically the front of the line and did it all faster, but not really any different than any other country.

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  1. How can something that most of humanity is doing (getting, or trying to get, the vaccine) be a "crime against humanity."

    1. Because your privacy was sold without your consent.

  2. The Nuremberg Code is an anonymous statement that has never been accepted by anyone.


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