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Mar 24, 2021

Kashrut Alert: Kirkland brand Granulated Garlic

The following important kashrut (for Pesach) alert was posted by Shemesh Online:

After a local Beit Shemesh resident noticed that the Kirkland Granulated Garlic that she had purchased in Osher Ad for Pesach did not have a KLP stamp on it, she called her children in the US and Canada. Both verified with the Kashrut Agencies there that Kirkland does a special Pesach run and that ONLY products with a KLP on them are indeed Kosher for Passover.

A representative from Shemesh Online called Osher Ad headquarters and they verified that there was a mistake and that the Kirkland Granulated Garlic should not have been on the shelves with the Pesach products. They are going to put up signs in the store.

If you have already began your Pesach cooking and have used the garlic, do not panic. The Magshgiach at the OU headquarters in New York, said that it is not Chametz and before Pesach you can rely on BItul (in case there is a minute amount of Chametz there) but it cannot be used on Peasch. In any case, each person should ask their own Rav for a Psak.

Do not use the Kirkland Granulated Garlic that does not have a KLP stamp on it on Pesach.

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