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Mar 16, 2021

Breaking News: Foreign students will be able to return after Pesach

Big news, hot off the press.

See the following announcement, regarding foreign students studying in Israel this. Many have been concerned that if they go back to the USA (or wherever) to be with their extended families for Pesach, they might not be allowed back into Israel after Pesach to continue their studies, as the airport has been only open for returning citizens. It seems arrangements have been made and returning students will be allowed to return. Obviously there are no 100% guarantees of anything, but if the current downward trend of CoronaVirus continues with the upward trend of the vaccinations, it is likely that this should work out well.

By the way, this means that families that wish to travel abroad with children who were not vaccinated (because they cannot be vaccinated at this point) nor got sick with, and recovered from, CoronaVirus, will not be able to travel, as they would not be allowed back in because of the children. Unless they want to come back to Israel and eave their children behind, of course.

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