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Mar 23, 2021

so many mitzvas in Israel

There is a benefit to having elections so frequently. At least for some people.

If you are Haredi and vote for a Haredi party, you get so many more opportunities for fulfilling the mitzva of doing what the rabbis instruct you. If you are a Religious Zionist, no matter who you vote for it is an opportunity to get the mitzva of voting for the government of the State of Israel, being part of the mitzva of yishuv haaretz.

The dysfunctional government of the past couple of years has been very good for the religious public. Very supportive of creating opportunities for mitzvas.

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1 comment:

  1. You remind me of an old joke. In the early days of the medinah, the Agudah was very pro voting, while the Edah Charedi types were very much against.

    Agudah came out with an advertisement, which said, "It is a mitzvah to vote in the elections."

    To which the Satmar Rov stated: "A mitzvah? You mean a mitzvah like matzoh?"

    To which the Gerrer rebbe replied: "No. It's a mitzvah like maror."


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