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Mar 14, 2021

Tweet of the Day

MK Yair Lapid gets today's Tweet of the Day...

The Haredim don't need to be thrown in a garbage dump [or landfill]
The Reform are not dogs
The IDF [female] soldiers are not shiksas
Leftists are not traitors
Rightists are not fascists
[female] MKs are not Paka Paka Shasha Shasha
We must start talking in a different way, behave differently, argue differently.
Politics is dragging Israeli society into the abyss. It is time for a more sane discourse.

As ironic as it is coming from Yair Lapid, who has said plenty of his own nasty things in the past about others, he is right.

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  1. I need your help with "Paka Paka Shasha Shasha"

    1. in a televised interview Netanyahu made fun of MK Yifat Shsha Biton by referring to her and saying paka paka shasha shasha. She was a Likud MK (in the election cycle she transferred to Gideon Saar's party) and had been appointed as head of the Corona committee and openly defied Netanyahu by refusing to approve some of the nonsensical rules he tried to pass. Bibi threatened to fire her at the time, and it boosted her popularity..


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