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Mar 22, 2021

free public transportation

As is generally done for election day, the Electoral Board in conjunction with the Ministry of Transportation has arranged free public transportation around the country on buses and trains to enable people to travel to their official polling station to vote, even if located far away.

Obviously they could go and pay for the bus, if they felt it important enough, but the electoral board feels it is important enough to take away that barrier - some people might feel it is not worth bothering paying the price to go vote.

The free transportation actually already began, tonight at 8pm and will be in effect until public transportation ends tomorrow night.

Not all intercity buses will be free for the day, but many will be, so check if the buses you need, or want, to take are included. You can call Egged customer service (*2800) to find out, or check the Egged website.

It seems the only route for which you will need to prove you live there and are going to vote is the Eilat bus route. If you try to take the bus to Eilat you will have to show your teudat zehut or drivers license showing you live there and that is where you are registered to vote.

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