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Jul 27, 2022

get your teudat zehut without waiting

MK Uri Maklev (UTJ) met with the heads of the Population Registry of the Ministry of the Interior out of concern that many people will not be able to vote in the upcoming elections because the branches of the Ministry of the Interior around the country are all swamped with no available appointments, so people who need to register for identity cards, or to replace lost cards, have too long a wait. They cant get appointments any time soon, so they cant get registered to vote (ie they cant get their identity card so wouldnt be able to vote).

The Population Registry people came up with a solution that they would publish identity cards for people immediately in the leadup to the election and no appointment would be necessary. Just show up and request it and they will do it right away..

It is important in a democracy that every person of voting age be technically able to vote. If they decide not to vote, that is their decision, but they should be able to and not be prevented from voting by a technicality of the PopReg not having enough appointments available to handle the crowds.

That is all great and good. I am happy they came up with a solution. However, if this is possible, why dont they do this all the time instead of making people wait forever?

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  1. You can also vote with a driver's license, a passport, an IDF card...any national government-issued ID with a photo, really.

    1. true but the biggest issue (especially the one that Maklev is concerned about) is new 18 year old voters that might not yet have gotten their teudat zehut (esp because of the big delays the past couple of years) and many of them dont have drivers licenses either, or IDF card or passport. Most older people will have other forms of ID, you are right.


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