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Jul 10, 2022

Netanyahu's Narishkeit

MK Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) put forth his usual quip upon hearing the news about the imminent merger, or joint list, of Saar's and Gantz's parties for the upcoming election. Netanyahu said "we don't get involved in how the Left wants to  divide up its mandates"..

cute quip, as it is every time he says it.

Yet no matter how many times Netanyahu talks about forming a full right wing government, ממשלת ימין על מלא, he keeps coming back and offering Gantz to join his government (and even to participate in a rotation of the Prim Minister position). And he formed a government with Gantz in the past. So is Gantz Left or Right? When Netanyahu needs him for a government, Gantz is not so left. When he doesnt, Gantz is Left. And the same with Saar. He can beg and plead with Saar to form a government together, but when Saar doesnt join Netanyahu he is Left. 

I hope fewer and fewer people are buying Netanyahu's narishkeit nowadays.

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  1. Almost like Netanyahu has no principles, except getting in power (or staying in power).

  2. I should add this is true all around. Saar has called Gantz Left and now finds it convenient to merge parties, and Gantz has called Saar Right and is merging. and other party leaders as well. back and forth. But Netanyahu is the master of narishkeit for his own benefit

  3. Netanyahu *always* turns to the left-wing parties first. The sad thing is that the right continues to support him.


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