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Jul 27, 2022

will Rebbe Nachman come through?

I watch with interest and curiosity the situation developing in Uman in the Ukraine.

There is a war going on, but that part of the country is supposedly somewhat quieter than some other parts. A little while back Ukranian authorities said Uman would almost definitely be closed this year on Rosh Hashana because of the war and Breslav pilgrims would not be let in - unless the situation changes drastically by the time the holidays roll in.

The Breslavers in general were not happy, and while waiting for better news and maybe a change in the status of the war, they did express belief that Rebbe Nachman would end the war in time for them to travel to an open Uman, but they said they would go anyway and people would find their way in, by hook or by crook.

Now Ukranian authorities, including the mayor of Uman, have said again that Uman will be closed to visitors, there is no way they can allow people in for the holiday. People might think it is ok and be willing to take the risk, but they dont have enough bomb shelters and other resources necessary to keep people safe, and they have to take responsibility because if something should happen with all those visitors, they would be held responsible. 

In general there is disappointment and anger, and some disbelief with many still think Rebbe Nachman will save the situation at the last minute. I am hearing from some Breslavers, and maybe this is the general attitude, that they will find ways to get in despite the ban. They point to Corona when Uman was closed and they got in anyway, but back then only a few slipped through and got in while most were stuck at the border in Belarus (and in other countries)..

I dont know what will happen, but I watch with curiosity. I know the Breslavers will try, but whether they succeed in getting in or not remains the question. Will Rebbe Nachman come through at the last minute?

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