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Jul 18, 2022

The Bibi-Cult Medallion

Menachem Eliezer Mozes was a Member of Knesset for UTJ, and also served as Deputy minister of Education. Mozes has an interesting daughter, Heidi. While she is not frum and has opposed her father's politics, and is an outspoken and public lesbian, she has a very good relationship with her father and speaks of him with admiration. 

Heidi Mozes has announced that she will be running for a spot in the upcoming Likud primaries. Several  years back she was a supporter of the Kadima party. of Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert, and even worked to become an MK on their party list, but was not successful. She has since switched parties and is now running in the Likud primaries. 

It turns out Heidi Mozes is a supreme "brown-noser", so to speak.

At a Likud event yesterday in Givat Zeev, Mozes distributed gold chains with a golden pendant bearing the figure of Benjamin Netanyahu, head of the Likud. She declared wearing one a sign of loyalty to Netanyahu and draped them on some of the attendees, including high ranking Likud representatives. the medallion is also being sold to the public on the "only Bibi" website.

Here is the tweet that initially reported the medallion incident:

Some are comparing this  to the golden calf, a form of idol worship. I am not sure it is quite that, but it is despicable and probably nothing more than low level brown-nosing, looking for some support from Netanyahu to give herself a boost in the primaries. I dont know why the long-term Likudniks dont oppose behavior like this, why they feel they have to play along with every bad idea to show loyalty to Netanyahu. To his credit, Yisrael Katz took it off and passed it t someone else, later explaining he doesnt wear necklaces and didnt even know what ti was.

All these demands for displays and declarations of loyalty have really turned me off the Likud. It is a shame because I do think they are potentially the ruling party and the one normally everyone should support, but they have gone to a really bad place. At this point I dont just think Netanyahu needs to go, but all the other Likud leaders who have had no spine to stand up to behaviors like this also need to go. At this point even if Netanyahu leaves and retires to a ranch or whatever, I dont think I can go back to supporting the Likud until they have new leadership. I despise cult-like behaviors and followings, and try to distance myself from whatever it is, whenever I sense one around me, for good and for bad. I dont like not being able to support the Likud - I am not satisfied with any of the other parties, but these types of behaviors that we have seen over the past couple of years have pushed me away..

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  1. I guess when you start with avoda zara for some humans (the "gedolim", or really the askanim), you always need to have it for some people. Although this woman sounds unhinged. Katz is a Bibi bootlicker as well, but at least he looked really uncomfortable with this.

  2. Arayos (without nitpicking re females) as well ought to be a factor, the more so against her background


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