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Jul 27, 2022

Matan Kahane to Yesh Atid?

MK? Minister? Deputy Minister? Matan Kahane is still politically homeless for the upcoming elections. It looks like he wont be in Yamina due to disagreements with Ayelet Shaked, and he has yet to find a party to take him in. Some wont touch him with a ten feet pole because the Haredi parties have basically vetoed him and have insinuated they wont join a coalition with any party that Kahane serves in as MK/Minister.

That is a shame. He did good work and seems straight and decent. He is the one person who was willing to put his beliefs into actions and say the Haredi parties dont have a monopoly on Judaism and make political changes based on his beliefs of how things should work. Agree with him or not on any specific reforms he pushed, that is a value I believe is sorely lacking in the Knesset. I like people with integrity, even if I disagree with them, and think the country's leadership would do well to have people with such integrity, whether they are on the right or left or center side of the political spectrum.

I would not vote for any specific party just because of Matan Kahane, but I think Kachol Lavan or Yesh Atid would do well to have Kahane join their ranks. 

I get that Kachol Lavan wont take him because of Gantz's belief that only he can bring the Haredim into an alternate coalition, and he likely loses that with Matan Kahane. He might technically be right but he has no government with the Haredim because he doesnt have enough other parties to form such a coalition as Likud wont sit under him, Lieberman and the Haredi parties wont sit together, as is the same with Yesh Atid from the Haredi perspective. Labor should be fine, but I doubt the Haredim would sit with Meretz or Arab parties, considering their behavior during their recent term in the Opposition.

Yesh Atid would do well to take in Kahane, and I think they would get a nice boost of centrist-right voters by doing so. I dont know if Matan Kahane would join Yesh Atid but Yesh Atid would be smart to offer him a high slot on their list.

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