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Jul 25, 2022

let the people choose

There is some crazy situation going on how in advance of the Likud primaries, and the Likudniks are torn as to how to deal with it.

A lawyer named Yoni Jorno has announced that he is running for a slot on the Likud list. Big deal, a couple hundred other people are as well. 

Well, Jorno, it turns out, was arrested some 20 years ago for involvement in a weird kidnapping case involving a Filipino foreign worker. He was convicted, served some jail time, blah blah blah.

Likudniks are now not sure what to do with him. Let him run and let the Likud look bad? Don't let him run? It seems the ranks are torn as to how to handle the situation.

One thing I know is that they cannot really refuse his candidacy. Considering the head of the party has been indicted for several crimes and is sitting in trial for them, pushing away someone else who served his time, paid for his crime, while letting Netanyahu continue to sit atop the Likud would be pretty hypocritical. Especially because the Likud keeps repeating the mantra that the people have to be left to choose who they want as their leaders in a democracy and the leadership cannot decide that for the peoople. They say that to fight against the movement to prevent Netanyahu from running while under indictment, so they cannot now turn around and prevent this Joprno fellow from running - let the people choose.

That being said, they do not have to support him and promote him. Let him fail to earn a realistic spot like tens of other candidates.

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