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Jul 25, 2022

Phone vs Wife

I could not find an article in Hebrew about this, which is unusual, so I have to rely on VIN for this story...

According to the report, the beis din in Jerusalem avoided a potential aguna situation all by chance and luck.

The story goes that he was refusing to grant the gett to his wife, and the proceedings were dragging out. One of the dayanim noticed that the husband was recording the proceedings and told him to stop, it is not allowed. When the dayan noticed that he had continued to record the proceedings, they took his phone to check it, and discovered the recordings.

The dayanim told him he could be subject to a fine, but they also told him they need to hold on to the phone for 7 days to check for any other recordings. They decided it is legal and within their rights to do so as the court has the right to demand any document needed for clarification, and the cellphone could be classified as an electronic document..

The husband could not bear to be away form his phone for 7 days, so he immediately agreed to give his wife the gett, right then and there rather than give up the phone.

the dayanim agreed and the gett was immediately processed and given.

This guy could not bear to be with his wife and without his phone... In this case of Phone vs Wife, it looks like they both won. We will call it a tie. She got her gett and the phone got its guy.

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