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Jul 28, 2022

Zemiros Choir - GASangen Acappella (video)

With the rise of gas prices, the Zemiros Choir lift spirits up with their new release GASangen - Acappella. The brainchild of the choir founder and arranger Yoily Polatseck, GASangen is a humorous cover of an old Yiddish song. “We wanted to do something original and unique, so I re-wrote the five stanzas in Yiddish, commiserating on the terrible gas hike that has hit the world.” Even with gas prices high, Our eyes are directed to the sky, Trusting in the one above, For all he does is out of love, And we hope and pray, For the long awaited day, To Yerusholayim we’re guided, By Moshiach, together united. The Zemiros Choir

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