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Jul 31, 2022

Politics isn't worth it

This makes me feel bad.

Politics is full of rivalries and anger and conflict. Naftali Bennett unexpectedly became Prime Minister via an unusual political move, leaving some voters feeling betrayed, and more to the point - shocking some of his political rivals and leaving them behind. They spent a year doggedly opposing Bennett's government and every move they tried to make, and they did it with unprecedented verbal and emotional violence and abuse. Politicians need a thick skin, but the abuse thrown on Bennett was well over the top of anything reasonable.

The news is reporting that since the government collapsed and PM Yair Lapid took over the caretaker government, Bennett has basically been holed up at home, has skipped meetings, is depressed and angry (including at Lapid).

Obviously you cannot make a diagnosis of depression or whatnot form a newspaper article, let alone untrained people and non-professionals trying to make such a diagnosis, so without talking about a real mental health issue or serious depression or anything like that, I will still say the viscous attacks he went through the past year were horrible. And maybe even worse is that people, real people, even people I know, are commenting online how he deserves to be holed up like a criminal, he deserves to be sick and depressed, and the like. Most of them probably did not even vote for him and were not betrayed by him but they joined the Netanyahu mobs against Bennett for daring to send Netanyahu to the Opposition. You won, he lost. he is no longer Prime Minister. The country is going to elections. It is bad enough how viscous and un-decent you all were to him over the past year, you don't have to drive him to suicide now, God forbid it should get that bad. 

Politics is not worth losing your humanity. Especially when you aren't the one who will benefit or lose from it.

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  1. The problem is, that the process of politics tends to favor those with no scruples or morals. Anyone with any decency stays away. So that leaves the dregs as the leaders.

    1. To be honest, Bennett seems like a decent fellow.


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