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Jan 12, 2023

throw the book at him

One of the Neturei Karta folk who went to Jenin the other day has been arrested.

I have no problem with anybody not liking the State of Israel for whatever reason. I also have no problem with anyone in particular being opposed to the existence of the State of Israel (for religious or political reasons). Acting to dismantle the State of Israel is another story, but beyond talk not many are doing anything practical to dismantle the State so that isnt all that significant, though we must put our efforts forth to oppose their efforts.

All that being said, opposing the State of Israel is vastly different than actually meeting with terrorists and heads of enemy states or  organizations and supporting them. You might not like the State of Israel but why would you support people who want to kill and harm Jews? That is going way beyond simply opposing the State of Israel.

I have no idea if what he and his friends did the other day was legal or illegal, but if they can get him on something, I have no problem with them throwing the book at him. Not because he is anti-Israel but because he is anti-Jewish and helps people who try to kill Jews.

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  1. He went to Area A. That's illegal.

  2. Never mind that. If some Arab thugs had kidnapped them, Israel would've tried to negotiate a rescue.

    1. That's why it's illegal to enter Area A. Israel doesn't want the hassle.

  3. definitely crossed a line between protest and dissatisfaction, and supporting those who want to destroy our existence. Throw the book at him!


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