Jan 12, 2023

Zionist cattle working for the Moosad

The Israeli Mossad seems to have a specialty, at least according to the Palestinians, in recruiting spies and agents from the animal kingdom. In the past they have uncovered nearly an entire safari, or maybe a zoo, of unusual spies, including Zionist dolphins, seal, kestrel, eagle, hawk, stork, shark and others.

In case anyone thinks that the Mossad might be limited in its capabilities, Israel is now expanding to recruiting farm animals to operate as agents, literally in the field.

According to a report in JPost, a Palestinian villager claimed that he had encountered cattle in his village that had been recruited and trained by Israel. The Mossad would hang a medallion on the neck of each cow and the medallion had a recording device and camera in it. The cattle would roam the village and send back data to the Zionist regime. 

He also claimed that settlers in nearby villages release herds of wild boar to trample Palestinian crops.

I wonder what kind of village this is that lets its cows roam the village rather than keeping them in a cowshed. And if they are in the cowshed what valuable information could they possibly gather? I wonder if each cows gets orders for the day/week/month as to where it should "wander" and collect data from, and what it should focus on. is it recording all the time, sending tons or useless data back tot he Mossad, or does the cow have to trigger the recording by pressing a button or moo-ing a certain way when it stumbles across something worth recording? I actually heard a funny comment about this saying the cows work for the Moosad.

I was able to obtain a picture of one of the spies, though it seems to be laying down on the job. The Mossad censors required me to alter the image to protect its identity .

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  1. You really like milking this story, don't you?

  2. Yes, udderly...


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