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Jan 29, 2023

wedding mikva

I am not sure the wedding mikva thing is going to catch on and become trendy, but nowadays you can never predict these things accurately.

Rabbi Zvi Meir Zilberberg, one of the main rabbis fighting against technology in the Haredi community, and the one behind the people who have been going around to shuls and smashing the "Nedarim Plus" screens set for announcements and donations because of their connection to the Internet, no matter how limited it is, has created the wedding mikva.

Rabbi Zilberberg participated in his grandson's wedding the other. The wedding party lasted 12 hours! As notable as that may be, the more noticeable part was Rabbi Zilberberg bringing a mikva to the wedding hall and immersed himself.  The mikva was transported to the hall in a caravan. The wedding supposedly took place in full holiness with no smartphones present, even among the waiters.

The article in Behadrei says they connected it to the ground and kashered it in the most mehudar way in preparation for the use of Rabbi Zilberberg. Not being an expert in the halachos of a mikva, I can only wonder how this  was anything like a kosher mikva. it looks like a kli, it was transported, and I am not aware of any heavy rainfall over the past few days to fill this mikva. Whatever.

When he arrived in Bnei Braq for the wedding, he dunked in the mikva to purify himself and then dunked again after the kabbalat panim and maariv, before the chuppa. Rabbi Zilberberg dunked again before the mitzva tanz

So besides for the questions about the kashrut of the mikva mentioned above, what is the purpose of this? Dunking three times at a wedding and at different points of the ceremony? is there any source for any of this? When do we call making up new behaviors Reform and when not? will this become a trend?

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  1. So let's get this clear: Having a screen showing tefillah times is "impure," but stripping naked and dunking in semi-public three times is holy.

    Got it.

    1. He's definitely extreme.
      He travels in style:
      "משפיע שהתבקש על ידי תלמידים ומבקשים להגיע לניו יורק מתנה את נסיעתו כי במקומו ת שלידו היכן שיושב במטוס יהיו מקומות ריקים ואכן נרכשו כמה מקומות ריקים במחלקת הביזנס שבה המריא המשפיע. "
      His students bought him several empty seats in business class, so that he can travel without being next to anyone. Modesty can't be purchased at a modest cost.

  2. Replies
    1. In away I'm glad he did this. The more ridiculous he acts, hopefully less will look to him as an ideal.

  3. When the guy making up the rules is name Phil and he doesn't wear a kippah, it's a Reform innovation. When his name is Paltiel and he wears two black hats, it's a previously forgotten minhag from "the seforim kedoshim"


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