Jan 31, 2023

Quote of the Day

I say to my political opponents, it is not fun to lose an election but you do not have to turn your grumbling into damaging the economy of the State. It also wont help - we have a strong economy that will continue to get stronger.

  -- PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Bibi is 100% correct, but does he ever listen to himself? We already know that when he called on Olmert to resign as a Prime Minister who is indicted should not serve he then gave an excuse why it doesnt apply to him, but now for the previous year and a half of the previous government until the last elections all he did was complain and scream and vote against the State even on issues he himself supported in the past just to hurt the government. And he spent that year and a half screaming about how the government ruined the economy, but now he is saying how strong the economy is (so did they ruin it or is it strong and getting stronger?) and they should keep quiet.. does he ever listen to himself? Do his voters ever listen to him?

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1 comment:

  1. No, he doesn't listen to himself and neither do his voters. Why do you ask?


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