Jan 26, 2023

run for mayor

Deri is trying every way possible to get back into the government, and tonight he even said it might take a few weeks while they figure out how to change the law but he will be back.

I have a different idea for him. He should run for mayor of Jerusalem in the upcoming municipal elections. Give up rejoining the government and stay relevant by being mayor of Jerusalem. I might be wrong but I think even with his legal troubles he could still be mayor.

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  1. Replies
    1. It is definitely a more respectable job than a politician..

  2. We don't need another crook as mayor. Let him volunteer in a prison and cook meals for the poor.

  3. But Lion is already his (and Lieberman's) puppet. Deri only wants the best for himself. As mayor, he might have to actually *work*. Nope, it's sinecure-city for him. Deputy Prime Minister would be best.


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