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Aug 20, 2015

Zionist Dolphin spy to join the Zionist spy zoo

yesterday's big news was the announcement by Hamas that their crack detectives and security forces have uncovered a spy ring deeply embedded in their leadership team, along with spies spread throughout the Gaza Strip gathering information on behalf of Israel. The announcement claims they have caught the ringleader and have arrested him.

They have arrested the spy code-named Flipper. For now they are considering execution, the death sentence. Israel is working feverishly to secure Flipper's release in a deal, perhaps an exchange of prisoners or some other benefits in exchange for Flipper's release.
image courtesy of Benji Lovitt

The arrest of the Zionist spy dolphin code-named Flipper comes after a number of other Zionist animals have been arrested for spying in Arab countries. Offhand I remember the Zionist stork, the Zionist shark, the Zionist Kestrel. I have a recollection of the Zionist Seal and a Zionist Eagle as well. Pretty soon they will have a full Zionist zoo full of spies.

I understand that Hamas security forces have spent hours trying to get information out of the captured dolphin. Supposedly they have been using brutal methods of interrogation, even resorting to waterboarding the poor dolphin. Needless to say, waterboarding Flipper was effective in getting him to squeal, but not to actually talk.

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